About us

Presentation of the company

Company name: Curty Transports SA
Address: Rue du Collège 72, 2300 La Chaux-de-Fonds
Phone: 032 968 56 28
Fax: 032 968 56 38
Year of Foundation: 1953 (Société Anonyme since 1984)
Workforce: 30 people

Areas of activity: transport of goods by trucks tilt, mixers, concrete,
mixers-carpet, pump-mixers, tippers, snow removal,
Service pickup of garbage, repair, recovery of scrap metal, wood

Areas of activity

Transport of goods by trucks tilt, mixers for concrete, carpet mixers, pump-mixers, tippers, snow removal, garbage collection service, workshop repair, recovery of scrap metal, wood


The company was founded in 1953 by Robert and Elisabeth Curty, Christian and René Curty parents. Early on, the main activity was transportation by dump trucks. Certain activities have been discontinued (international transport, transportation of peats) and others began over the years (see field above). After the death of Robert Curty in 1983, Christian René Curty took over the management and have transformed the individual reason in S.A. in 1984. Since 1999, the company occupies premises at Rue du College 72 where it grouped all of its activities.


Provide quality transport service to contractors, communal, private and other administration through the various areas of activity. Train learner drivers of trucks and employees of commercial apprentices

Legal watches

Branch remains attentive to the evolution of standards and the cantonal, national and international laws in force relating to social, security, health and environmental aspects continuously.


Completed according to the requirements of the standards:
ISO 9001 - 2008 Version
ISO14'001 - Version 2004
OHSAS 18'001-2007 Version